All images seen on this website are for sales, either as Fine Art Prints, Prints on Canvas, Prints on Forex or as electronic files (as royalty free images or with exclusive rights). Please read below for more details.

Fine Arts Prints

Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints We offer “Fine Art Prints” of every photo in the gallery, produced as “limited edition” prints in our studio. Each one is produced to the highest quality, checked and signed personally by Gim. All our photos are printed on professional photo paper, 100% cotton paper or canvas. We use Canon high quality 8-colour professional printers and premium quality paper for long lasting excellent results.

We use Canon Photo Paper Pro (Glossy) or Photo Paper Plus (Semigloss) for color prints; Matte Photo Paper, Fine Art Premium Matte, Fine Art Photo Rag or “Fabriano” Canvas for black & white prints. The print permanence ratings exceed 50 years when framed behind glass.

Standard Frame Format
Approx 200 x 250 mm – photo size approx 100 x 150 mm: € 25. Approx 280 x 370 mm – photo size approx 180 x 270 mm: € 35.
Photo proportions – length vs width – varies depending on the photo. Prices and sizes including a 50mm border. Shipping costs not included (click on the photo to see more in detail).

Fine Art Prints (square format)

Fine Art Prints (square format)

Square Format
Approx 225 x 225 mm – photo size approx 125 x 125 mm: € 25. Approx 300 x 300 mm – photo size approx 200 x 200 mm: € 35.
Prices and sizes including a 50mm border. Shipping costs not included (click on the photo to see more in details).

Customised sizing/framing is available upon request, please enquire with Gim for more information and bespoke pricing. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Prints on Canvas
We offer prints on canvas in various sizes, based on your bespoke needs. Price varies according to size and finishing (stretched or unframed) and are available upon request. The unframed print is unstretched and shipped in a tube (rolled), in the stretched version the canvas is stretched over wooden stretcher strips.
Estimated prices: € 79 per square meter unstretched € 99 per square meter stretched.
Please note that maximum size depends on the photo, on average it can as much as 1000-1200 mm on the longer edge. Shipping costs not included.

Prints on Forex
We offer prints on Forex in various sizes, based on your bespoke needs. Cost varies according to size and Forex thickness.
Estimated prices: € 79 per square meter for 5 mm thick Forex € 129 per square meter for 100 mm thick Forex

Stock Photographs
If you are interested in purchasing any stock photo (digital file) from the gallery, please complete the order form specifying your intended use for the photo. We will reply within a few days advising the price of the photo for an exclusive basis sale or for a royalty free basis. Files will be delivered digitally.

Other Photographic Services
Gim is available for other assignments such as “Weddings” or “Photographic Workshops” and having teamed up with a “Graphic Design Studio” he can offer other “photographic­related” services such as “calendars”, “photo books”, “advertisements”, “website preparation” (like this one..!) etc. Happy to discuss your requirements with you to see if we can help!

How to Order or ask for Info
Please send your request by clicking on the “contact & order” button (at the bottom right of each photo or at the end of this page) and complete the “order form” specifying:

  • Name, Surname and email address.
  • Required photo details (title and code),
  • Type of print (Fine Art Print, Canvas, Forex, etc.)
  • Required size and quantity
  • Delivery method (registered mail, courier or direct pick up)
  • Any other requirements.

We will reply within a few days, confirming the details of the order, the final price and payment instructions.
Payments should be made via Paypal.

As Gim has a very busy travel schedule and as every print must have Gim’s approval and signature, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery when placing your order. However, we will endeavour to despatch sooner if Gim is available.